“We are all morally obliged to live more sustainably. At its most simple level, we need to use resources more efficiently and we need to create less waste, less greenhouse gases and less pollution. We owe this to those with whom we share the planet and to all our children. We are obligated to act now.

This simple truth applies to all of us. Individuals. Businesses. Organisations. Governments.

The silver lining is that being more responsible and sustainable will save us money. Pots of it. A true win-win situation.” – Phil Walker, Econcertive.

EcoMerit enables your business to become more sustainable

€coMerit is about empowering your business or organisation to become more sustainable. We identify cost-effective savings and improvement opportunities. We focus on the simplest options which give the best return. We give you support on implementing them. We give you simple tools to help you go on improving and saving, year-on-year.

  • Save on your Energy Costs
  • Save on your Waste Costs
  • Save on your Water Costs
  • Improve your Environmental Performance
  • Become Environmentally Certified
  • Access Grant Funding

Small Investment – Substantial Return

For a modest flat fee of typically €400 (ex VAT) we guarantee to find you savings which will exceed the small initial outlay.

coMerit Member Companies identify average annual savings exceeding €5000”.

We support small & medium enterprises and large organisations.

To learn more about our practical low-cost service browse the website, view our case studies or contact us directly.